Kari Hogan

Kari Hogan | Deputy Chief Executive Officer | PPEP, Inc.

Kari Hogan is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PPEP, Inc., a nonprofit multiservice organization offering an array of services, which include the following:

  • Employment training
  • Education programs
  • GED certificates
  • Emergency assistance
  • Workforce Investment Act programs
  • Community service block grants
  • Case management
  • Senior programs
  • YouthBuild/AmeriCorps Programs
  • Youth summer and after-school programs

In her capacity at the helm of the organization’s mission, with a goal to “improve the quality of rural life,” Ms. Hogan manages, directs and implements programs for youths and adults in the areas of employment, training, case management and emergency services. She works with communities, develops partnerships to leverage funding for the sustainability of programs, and oversees career development and economic development strategies within high-growth and high-demand occupations. She also works with regional and national coalitions on legislative issues surrounding employment and training, manages funding in excess of $4 million, and monitors multiple budgets for optimum output.

In addition to these responsibilities, Ms. Hogan, an honest and benevolent professional with nearly three decades of experience, oversees 15 programs and grants, and 47 staff members in a nine-county area within the state of Arizona.

In July of 1987, Ms. Hogan embarked on her professional journey with PPEP, Inc., and over the course of her vocational pursuit with the company for the past two decades, she has held a number of positions throughout the past 30 years of employment with the agency. Additionally, Ms. Hogan has demonstrated to the agency and its management that she is able to implement successful programs and put forth the necessary effort to accomplish a given purpose. She has been dedicated to the programs in which she works and has had the opportunity to work with many individuals throughout her career. It has been this ambition that has helped Ms. Hogan to achieve her goals and eagerly push through to the next mission. Renowned among those with whom she has worked as a dependable supporter, and also as a leader, Ms. Hogan aims for success at all times. She has garnered a reputation of distinction for taking programs that have reached nominal success and made it her top priority to execute winning turnarounds. Always up for a new and exciting challenge, Ms. Hogan always exceeds expectations. Throughout her career, she has been given opportunities to see success rise from disappointments and rough roads.

Ms. Hogan pinpoints the most gratifying aspects of her career as her being able to give people an opportunity to achieve their dreams, and watching adults and youths walk down the aisle in their caps and gowns during their graduation ceremonies, which was perhaps something they thought they could never achieve. She attributes her success to her supervisor of the last 15 years, who has been a mentor and guide; she has given constructive criticism, has consistently been honest, and has let her fail at times in order to help her find her path and direction to success.

Over the years Ms. Hogan has received a number of awards for her programs, to include Outstanding Volunteer Award for her YouthBuild/AmeriCorps group 9 from the City of San Luis, the YouthBuild/AmeriCorps Highest Education Award Attainment, the 2011 Community and Business Builder of the Year Award, and recently in September 2012, the President’s Award from the Association of Farmworker Opportunities Program, where she sits on the Board of Directors and Executive Board for exceptional contributions and service for the past 18 years. In 2018, PPEP, Inc. recognized her with a 30 Year Service Award. Since 2018, she has volunteered with Women of the Mousse.

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